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Student Text Samples

Week 6, Religion (Alpha)

Sample Student Text Religion

Week 17, History (Alpha)

Alpha History Image Sample

"This is by far the very best curriculum for a co-op!! Also, it pulls together the "best" things for our children to memorize for each cycle of history and science.  The work you have done for us all is incredible!!!  I feel that even if we have a very "poor" study week, the children are still getting a superior education (in a way that works with their natural inclinations anyway) just by doing their memory work, math, writing, and reading.  When they memorize those facts about the faith, about history, and about science -- it sticks.  They will always have that, and can build upon that as their intellect (and ability to sit still) grows."  Anne in Minnesota

Teacher Text Samples

Week 8, Science (Beta)

Alpha Teacher Text Image

Week 17, History (Alpha)

Alpha Teacher Text Image Sample 2

"Overall, our co-op has loved the materials. They are thorough and extremely user-friendly. Best of all, they are authentically Catholic!"  Nicole in Texas

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