If you have enjoyed your Classically Catholic Memory materials, please submit testimonials to let us know by emailing scholarosa@gmail.com. Then, we will add your testimonial to those below from other Catholic homeschooling families.....

"I have been using your memory work for 7 years and think that it is hands down the best Catholic one out there!  Thank you for such a great program." Theresa in Ohio

"I have been very impressed with CCM's materials and have reveled in the Catholic identity of CCM.  Thank you for creating such a remarkable curriculum." Anneke in Illinois

"I just had to say Thank You!!! I have LOVED everything and specifically the Teacher Text. It has given me much such clarity of thought, especially with what are the most important events and people of ancient history. I am a new "believer" to teaching memory work. The way you laid out the week by week material and then also summarized everything by subject just fits right in with my way of visualizing things. Thank you again!" Jennell in Illinois

"I just have to take this time to compliment you on your wonderful customer service and products. I really appreciate how well packaged your shipment came, that you would take the time to review my account and see that I needed updated timeline cards, and of course the program itself. You truly have a blessed ministry, and I look forward to continuing to order from you as we journey on the program over the next several years."  Steve in Indiana

"Thank you so much for your program.  Our family is loving it, and it has become a very important part of our day.  It comes right after morning prayer, and we're studying science and history around what we are learning from the memory work!  Everything is so well done.  Thanks so much for all your efforts." Molly in Iowa

"I have been homeschooling for 20 years, and CCM is one of the best products that I have ever used." Julianne in Maryland

"Looking forward to starting Beta Year!  My 5 year old breezed through Alpha Year.  My 2 year old even picked up on the Latin!  It's amazing!" Regan in Louisianna

"Excellent, quality materials!! So glad I decided to order!"  Rebecca in Michigan

"This is by far the very best curriculum for a co-op!! Also, it pulls together the "best" things for our children to memorize for each cycle of history and science.  The work you have done for us all is incredible!!!  I feel that even if we have a very "poor" study week, the children are still getting a superior education (in a way that works with their natural inclinations anyway) just by doing their memory work, math, writing, and reading.  When they memorize those facts about the faith, about history, and about science -- it sticks.  They will always have that, and can build upon that as their intellect (and ability to sit still) grows."  Anne in Minnesota

"I love this program!!  I have been trying to do memory work with my kids (memorizing bible verses, poems, etc) but now you have taken the work out of it...thanks for putting this program together."  Liz in New Hampshire

"Enjoying this program very much! We look forward to using the materials for years to come and are glad we invested in it." Sarah in New Hampshire

"We love CC Memory, and we recommend it to anyone that we can.  The program has given our home education a focus to uniting the multiple learning levels in one direction-instead of six separate students.  Even if I get nothing else done in a week, we can do our memory work; even our three-year-old can sing along with the memory songs and recite some of the memory work.  This was lacking until we started with CC Memory." Lucas (homeschooling husband and father of six) in New Jersey

“I absolutely LOVE your products, and we’ve only been using them for 7 weeks!  I wish they were around years ago when my college-age children were in the grammar stage of their education!”  Ginny in North Carolina

“You did a FANTASTIC job of deciding what to put on the Timeline Cards. They are wonderful!”  Angela in Ohio

"Thank you for providing such good quality, Catholic materials." Christine in Ohio

Alpha Year Testimonials

"I purchased Alpha Year last summer for my first grader, and we have so thoroughly enjoyed the program. My 2 and a half year old son even loves it!  He loves to recite the poetry and the history. What really astonished me, however, was his ability to apply the information he learned from the songs. I was talking to my husband about our history lesson, and I mentioned 'the king of Persia' and he shouted, 'that's King Cyrus!' " Camille in California

"We absolutely adore our Alpha Year materials! What a beautiful feeling to be teaching my children Catholic Memory work! We enjoy the Latin and Religion especially. I have a science background, and I love your science choices. Thank you so much for blessing our family with your wonderful program!"  Juli in Georgia

"I am using the Alpha Year program with my 3rd, 5th, and 7th graders this year. We all love it. This program is exactly what I have been looking for!  I especially love hearing my kids walk around singing the skip counting songs and history verses. Thank you for creating them!"  Johnna in Nebraska

"I love, love, love your program! I am a MODG user, and this is a wonderful complement to that program. Our co-op is awesome, and my kids are learning so much ... thank you for your great program."  Katie in Georgia

Beta Year Testimonials

"We love our Beta Year materials. Your program is a true blessing to our family." Sarah in Georgia

"Wow! I ordered Alpha and Beta from Ignatius Press a few weeks ago and this program has lived up to everything my lady friends have told me!" Nicole in Maryland

"I am so excited to get started with school this year because of your program!" Katherine in Michigan

"Excellent, quality materials!! So glad I decided to order!"  Rebecca in Michigan

"We are really enjoying the CCM materials. I have five homeschool children at the moment (that is counting my three year old). It is so nice to have something to tie all of our various work and readings together like this.  And having those mental pegs to hang things on, what a great mental gift."  Marnie in Texas

"Overall, our co-op has loved the materials. They are thorough and extremely user-friendly. Best of all, they are authentically Catholic!"  Nicole in Texas

"I ordered the Beta Teacher's manual a couple of months back and am truly impressed with the program you have put together."  Sarah in Utah

"We love, love, love the Beta Year materials!  My children are enthralled with the lessons, and we are having a wonderful time learning together."  Leigha in Virginia

"Thank you for this wonderful program.  We have enjoyed the program greatly."  Monique in Virginia

Gamma and Delta Years Testimonials

"We just wrapped up our Gamma Year CCM co-op in Central PA. What a fabulous year! The children had such a wonderful time and enjoyed the program so much. We can’t wait to move on to Delta next year." Kelly in Pennsylvania

"Thank you for this wonderful program.  We have enjoyed the program greatly."  Monique in Virginia

Share your testimonials with us at scholarosa@gmail.com. David and Donna Freidenfeld created such a wonderful, high-quality product for all of us Catholic homeschooling families. Let them know! Just add "Testimonials" in your subject line to tell us.