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Advanced Logic ~ Workbook

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Workbook for Trivium-Philosophy-Theology 2: Advanced Logic & Rhetoric

This book delves into Material Logic, the complement to Formal Logic, which considers how words signify reality and the categories of reality and thought. In addition, it explores the basics of inductive inference, to fill out the understanding of inference begun with the consideration of the deductive variety. The student who has been learning advanced grammar and syntax in the Latin cycle, and who has taken Formal Logic will find the next step of our introduction to the mediaeval trivium in these pages. Drawing upon Aristotle's Organon and other sources we will explore the ten categories, the types of predication, definition, and division, how to use terms well (especially with clarity), and inductive inference types, rules, and uses.
Here we continue the exploration of what language and thought are, that was begun in Formal Logic. It introduces us to themes that will find their full explication in philosophy of human nature as it considers the ethical and humane conditions that one must bear in mind when wielding the profound and dangerous thing that is language. Extensive work in logical analysis and argument creation will enrich and enlarge the student's logic skills. This nook prepares the student for the study of rhetoric, wherein the tools of scientific logic are rounded out with a fuller vision of the human kind and his communicative tools.

To make proper use of this workbook, you must utilize it in accompaniment with the digital course materials for Advanced Logic & Rhetoric, available through the Oxrose Academy or the Traditio Nostra Self-Paced courses available at Oxrose Press.

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