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Introductory Physics ~ Textbook

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Textbook for Introductory Physics ~ 9th Grade

Novare textbooks uphold the Mastery-Learning paradigm, designed to break the Cram-Pass-Forget Cycle and promote long-term retention of course content. This paradigm appears in several essential methods, but the centerpiece is a weekly quiz assessment in which quizzes are fully cumulative (there are no chapter exams at this level). With cumulative quizzes determining a sizable portion of the grade, students must develop a new approach to their personal management of this class that includes regular review—we recommend about one-third of their time devoted to reviewing old quizzes and homework, and two-thirds for new material.

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"I purchased Alpha Year last summer for my first grader, and we have so thoroughly enjoyed the program. My 2 and a half year old son even loves it!  He loves to recite the poetry and the history. What really astonished me, however, was his ability to apply the information he learned from the songs. I was talking to my husband about our history lesson, and I mentioned 'the king of Persia' and he shouted, 'that's King Cyrus!' " Camille in California

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