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Self-Paced Course ~ Intermediate French

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Self-Paced Courses are accessed through our learning management system. The students are guided by clear weekly schedules, instructional videos, and automated assessments. Courses are written to be completed in one academic year, but students set their own pace. No grading is provided, but answer keys are available for most courses. Access is for one calendar year.

Course Description: Using the books Practice Makes Perfect – A Complete French Grammar and Read & Think French, students will continue to learn the French language through reading and writing! The reader includes articles on several different themes, allowing all students to find something of interest! The Audio CD that comes with the book provides 26 readings of these articles to help students further with their listening comprehension. Mrs. Rolling provides Grammar Videos, Agendas, Activities, and Assignments. For the student who has been aching to continue expanding vocabulary and phrases, this hopes to be a wonderful choice. Grammar that is covered includes the following:

Good manners; pronunciation; Common phrases; Past tense constructions; subjunctive constructions; and more advanced grammar topics!

Age Range: 7th-12th grade
Pre-requisite(s): Beginning French or equivalent.
Required & Recommended Books: See The Self-Paced Course Book List
Required Tech: Computer and internet connection capable of video conferencing.

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"I purchased Alpha Year last summer for my first grader, and we have so thoroughly enjoyed the program. My 2 and a half year old son even loves it!  He loves to recite the poetry and the history. What really astonished me, however, was his ability to apply the information he learned from the songs. I was talking to my husband about our history lesson, and I mentioned 'the king of Persia' and he shouted, 'that's King Cyrus!' " Camille in California

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