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Virtue Training A to Z Workbook (preschool)

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This edition has been long in the making as a precursor to the Schola Rosa K-6th Virtue program. Special thanks to the Rolling children, who helped with the illustrations and who tested the success of each image to properly convey the lesson. Special care was taken to insure even the youngest students could gain understanding of the virtues through these coloring pages, and the discussion lessons are designed for children between the ages of two and seven, making this a great companion for older students as well.

Why the Alphabet of Virtues?

Virtues were chosen for this book that correspond with the alphabet to go along with the Letter Book: A to Z Preschool Activity Book. As one might imagine, there was some challenge in coming up with a virtue for each letter. We believe we have chosen the best options for this age level, especially focusing on those virtues that come naturally to the preschool child: compassion, sympathy, empathy, and wonder.

This book is included in digital form in the Schola Rosa Preschool Curriculum.

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"I purchased Alpha Year last summer for my first grader, and we have so thoroughly enjoyed the program. My 2 and a half year old son even loves it!  He loves to recite the poetry and the history. What really astonished me, however, was his ability to apply the information he learned from the songs. I was talking to my husband about our history lesson, and I mentioned 'the king of Persia' and he shouted, 'that's King Cyrus!' " Camille in California

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